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"What is life for? Life is for you."

A. Maslow


Negative thoughts and inner blockades make it sometimes impossible to live a fulfilled and happy life.

I help my clients to dissolve these blockades and recognise their own potential in order to live a whole life, in harmony with themselves and their values.


Psychological Counsellor 

For me, the quest to empower people started a long time ago.

I hold two Master´s Degrees and an Advanced Federal Diploma in Psychological Counselling. For many years, I lived and worked between Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Morocco, finally making Zurich my home in 2019.

Over the past 10 years, I have served and worked with students, start-ups´ visionaries, governments´ officials and international movements´ leaders.

What I hope for my future is to never stop learning, growing and discovering. And it is my purpose to give my clients the tools to do so as well. 


My Goal

My goal is to help my clients live a happy life - and to release inner blockages along the way. The sooner we can dissolve blockages, the sooner a healthy relationship with others and with ourselves becomes possible - one of the most important prerequisites for a fulfilling life.

To recognize blockages and negative thought patterns, an unbiased and fresh "view from the outside" often helps. This view allows me to see connections between experiences my clients have had in the past and current thought or behavior patterns that are affecting their lives.

I am also convinced that blockages cannot be solved in a purely intellectual way. Therefore, an essential part of the work I do with my clients is to allow emotional pain to come to the surface, and to accept that it exist. Through this work, such emotions drastically lose intensity, and one can move forward much faster. In the words of G.C. Jung, "We cannot change anything until we accept it".

Many of us lack a healthy relationship with our own vulnerability. We shy away from expressing feelings and thoughts that are commonly thought of as weak or intimate. We don't want our vulnerable parts to surface - even though they are often nothing more than an expression of love, humanity and closeness. Yet hidden in vulnerability is the key to healthy relationships. When we learn to communicate our feelings and thoughts in a comfortable way, our relationships improve as a result.

Together at the Top
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My Approach

My work is based on a humanistic approach, meaning that I serve as a vehicle, through which the client finds its way towards the light, dictating his own pace, direction and goal(s). 

In my sessions, I often like to integrate the so-called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a brilliant method able to bring together past, present and future, challenging the client to look at new perspectives and reflect on unexpected insights. 


Additionally, my experience with yoga has encouraged me to work with holistic approaches that bring body and mind together - "to become a whole person", at peace with oneself and life.


Contact Me

Where to find me:

The first 15 minutes of contact via phone are free of charge and non-binding. I will answer all your questions and you can get an idea about myself and my approach. At the same time, I will let you know if I can help you or if I can refer you to a colleague specializing in your area of need. 


In-person sessions: 150chf 

Online sessions: 135chf

My sessions are aimed at self-payers. 

Schweizergasse 6, 



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